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Bill's father opened a one-man law office and stayed in that isolation his whole adult life, shaking his head at "all the lunatics out there. They just want to play with your toys. The "rich boys" the other families talked about, Bill and his brother became the targets of playmates who should have been friends. The neighbor boys used to lie in wait to throw rocks as they walked home from school. The modern 11th house is a complicated place. Instead of that warm and benevolent pair, Sun and Jupiter, presiding over its activities, we have Uranus and Saturn, the ruling planets of Aquarius.

The mythology of these two suggests a never-ending conflict. Uranus had the nasty habit of eating his children. Saturn as Kronos was the son who escaped this fate and struck his father down. Uranus is lord of the sky. Indeed, all innovation, all progress, all revolutions begin as creative concepts—sky god stuff.

When we are filled with Uranian inspiration in this house we are like Prometheus, stealing the fire of the gods. We are brilliant and daring. He was punished and bound to a rock as birds pecked his liver. The rock is Saturn, the hard reality of this house. Here is the establishment—the group that disapproves. Uranus may inspire us to breakthroughs, but Saturn resists change or co-opts it. The tension between these two planets suggests our experience in this house will have its ups and downs.

At times our progressive and unorthodox inclinations will find the utopia of likeminded community that Rudhyar celebrated. The 11th house gives us friends and community, but it requires something of us in return. What's striking about indigenous cultures is how they can live in exactly the same way for hundreds, even thousands of years.

Indigenous earth cultures are heavy with Saturn. The tradeoff is that in such tribes innovating individuals are shunned. There are no parades for being different; individuality is death to the group. The tension between earth and sky is always present in society. The too rigid community makes it impossible to individuate.

The too individualistic society makes for a dangerous, unstable world. Most indeed had at least one painful story of being drummed from a social circle. Years later it occurred to me that I might have gotten the same response had I asked everyone this question, prominent 11th house placements or not. The needs of the 5th house individual are inherently antagonistic to the needs of the 11th house group. Rejection makes us question our 5th house creativity. It also calls in question the rules of our 11th house community. We might suffer in this house, but such suffering increases our sensitivity to the sufferings of others.

Experiences here inspire us to dream of a better world. The modern 11th house is a turbulent and changing field. Its feedback keeps us on our toes. The social organizations ruled by the 11th are forever in a kind of flux, the tension between the inspiration that set them in motion and the forces of time that pull them apart. Friends are a constantly shifting circle. Groups are good for a couple years then fall apart. In the 11th we meet the constantly changing world. Whatever self we set up in the 5th gets jostled here, tested, to stand or sink in its shifting ground.

The 10th describes our role in society. But the 11th shows how we actually do it, how we must "realize" ourselves in shifting circumstances, over and over again. When planets transit or progress through the 11th, people often feel the urge to take their interests, gifts or skills into a larger world. They need to see a new reflection of themselves. Something may happen to us that radically shifts our priorities. We may indeed meet fortunate allies and benefactors.

Or we may encounter resistance—especially from the group we might be leaving behind. In her excellent book about solar returns5, Mary Shea suggests that planets in this house signal a year when you should question all the rules, particularly your own. Let Uranus challenge your familiar Saturn structures. Investigate what holds you back. Let yourself ask daring new questions.

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Physical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Beginnings and initiatives. Material and immaterial things of certain value.

The Eleventh House

Belongings, property, acquisitions. Cultivation and growth. Early education and childhood environment. Neighborhood matters. Short, local travel, and transportation. Ancestry, heritage, roots.

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Early foundation and environment. Mother or mothers as figure. The caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matters. Recreational and leisure activities.

Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Love and romance. Creative self-expression. Routine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Jobs and Employments. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Pets and small domestic animals. Close, confidante-like relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Matters dealing with diplomatic relations of all kinds, including open known enemies. Attraction to qualities we admire from the other partner.

Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other person's resource. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Foreign travel and foreign countries. Long distance travels and journeys. Law and ethics. Higher education. Experience through expansion. Status in society. Father or father figure. The breadwinner of the household. Friends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. Groups, clubs and societies.

Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes from career. Desires, hopes, and wishes. Mysticism and mystery.

What You Need to Know About 11th House Astrology

Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters.

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Privacy, retreat, reflection, and self-sacrifice. Unknown enemies.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Railroads, tramways, omnibuses, traction of all sorts, locomotion, telephone, aircraft, canals, bridges and transports as well as postal service and all means of communication. Real estate, land explorations, mines, developments, crops, produce of raw material from the soil.

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