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Communication may feel difficult, and just like when Mercury is retrograde, avoid signing major paperwork. Spend this day taking it easy and avoid making commitments. This feeling of confusion turns inward on Tuesday, September 10 , when the sun in diligent Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. You may feel as if someone scrambled your brain. There is so much that you dream of accomplishing and you still can!

Do not feel bad about taking it easy during this time. Take a long bath or go swimming if you can.

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Thankfully, you will feel full of swagger on Friday, September 13 , during the full moon in your sign. This is a great day for getting your confidence back, so get your hair done, go on a long walk — basically, engage in any activities that make you feel like you.


It's also an ideal night to spend with a partner having kinky sex, although you shouldn't expect anything to be casual. Even if you're in a friends-with-benefits situation, orgasms will feel transformative , and emotions will spill. The conditions of work and career change. Friendships get tested once again and there are dramas in the lives of friends. There are shake-ups in professional or trade organizations you belong to.

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If you employ others there can be employee turnover now. Often this reflects not so much dissatisfaction with the job but dramas in their personal lives. Once again you will be making big changes to your health regime. A health scare can happen, but since your health is generally good it is not likely to be anything more than that. Once again your high-tech equipment — computers, software and gadgetry — get tested. Keep important files backed up and be extra vigilant about online security and viruses.

Good technology skills will foster the career. Get your free yearly Pisces horoscope and Pisces yearly horoscope. You will probably develop a lot of opinions about those around this month, as you will find they are being tested in many ways. September Pisces astrological calendar is the best free online daily horoscope.

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Pisces Love Horoscope Your love connection will be well-influenced and you can expect many satisfactions in this domain, at least in the first half of Daily Pisces Love Horoscope. As a single Pisces, the big window of romantic opportunity for you in runs from the middle of May to the end of June, when Mars, the planet of passion, is resident in your Love Affairs Sector, firing up your libido and sparking off some red-hot, but also quite stormy attractions.

Dear Readers,. February 19 — March This is the time to bask in the success that you have been working hard to achieve. Want to learn more about what to expect from your horoscope, pisces? Read this full overview from Astrology. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan. Pisces August The movement of the planets will make the Pisces August a very intense time. Your Pisces horoscope shows some seriously dramatic career moves in the…Pisces Horoscope Date: February 19 and March If the body does not require too much care, focus on your inner-self: the ideal solution will be yoga and meditation, which will help you control the troublesome thoughts.

The Pisces yearly horoscope gives an overview of what will have in store for Pisces natives. You may witness a brighter career in this year. Pisces September horoscope reveals that this month you will focus more on career and financial growth.

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Pisces career horoscope Starting on the right foot, Pisceans would think that everything is going to be a walk in the park all year long. Pisces zodiac sign - Get free horoscopes prediction for all zodiac signs at AstroSage. Pisces Monthly Horoscope for September You work with almost everything. Pisces horoscope predictions: Find out what brings to Pisces star sign , in our astrology yearly forecasts, on love, career and money. And your 7th house of love will never be stronger than now — not this year anyway.

Shielded by strong energies, Pisces will rediscover their talents and put them in use in if they build the inner structure for their sense of reality. June is going to bring adventure and thrill for you in your Pisces love life in There are immense chances of monetary benefits this year.

Your association with good people might have an influence on your position.

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Many Pisces prefer to be self-employed, and if that describes you, you will find that all the most prestigious companies and clients will come knocking, for they will want you in their corner. Free horoscope for Pisces: Get some good advice in love and enjoy an happy relationship. In fact it is at its maximum for the year. December is a month of hard work and sacrifices.

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Until August 22nd: The Sun continues to spotlight your solar sixth house. Pisces Horoscope Pisces astrology Horoscope. Your star is definitely rising with your lucky traditional ruling planet shining like a rock star at the top of your chart all year long. This month your focus will be more on enhancing others as you develop as well. Whether thats a course, a new piece of kit, a trip, whatever it is you should take is a good year for strengthening the relationships with your friends.

You will do everything in your power to show how much you are worth. You are also aloof. Your health and vitality will improve during second half of the year. The planetary power is still strongly in the Western, social sector this month. Saturn has moved out of challenging relationship to your sign, dear Pisces, and this is a helpful influence that takes the pressure off and allows you to express your warmer traits more naturally.

August 21, : Pisces Horoscope for today. Pisces career horoscope Show off your talents. Wearing the colours, gems and metals of your Sign will help you on subtle levels. When you decide ahead of time that you will only pay attention to the messages you want to hear or on the other hand, to those that might confirm fears, you block out the real message.

If you are a Pisces native, this month you may enjoy a prosperous time. While tuning into reality might be a little boring, it will help you out in the long run. Just hit the pedal to the metal as it is the best time to work hard and embrace the results, tells your Pisces yearly Pisces Horoscope: An Overview - A Look at the Year Ahead.

Recent Posts. Least Compatible Signs: Leo, Libra. Youll be working hard, kind of flying under the radar. Pisces weekly horoscope - Your Pisces weekly. Pisces Horoscope prediction based your moon sign. Pisces financial horoscope. Here we are, in September Pisces, you may find August to be a month of big lessons and intense emotions. Pisces Love September Horoscope September horoscope for love predicts that it is going to be a romantic month for the zodiac.

Pisces September Horoscope Monthly Overview. Affected by the negative energy of Mercury retrograde, everything will be in chaos. You are likely to spend a lot of it examining yourself and those around you as everyone is in high energy moods. Pisces will enjoy a special satisfaction for the month of March, especially with anything related to career and money. Pisces September Horoscope recommends you to learn to make compromises with situations and people as and when needed. Both professional life and family matters will require a lot of attention, which is why Pisces must be mentally strong to deal with them all.

The Pisces star sign predictions foretell that this will be a cycle of fresh starts with these areas. Read this more of your Year Ahead Pisces Feb. Still, there is no air in the chart. Along with that students will also have a golden period in this duration. Pisces Love Horoscope The Moon controls your love life dear Pisces, and it will be placed with Venus in your 8th house at the beginning of Pisces horoscope predicts that this year you will need to be more down to earth than usual.

The Pisces the twelfth astrological sign of the zodiac is governed by Neptune Finance: This shows improvement from early in the year when offers and opportunities come in Love. Pisces July Horoscope predicts that there will not be much activity and you will be keep doing your routine things.

Free daily Horoscopes and Lovescopes. Monthly September Horoscope for Pisces, read your Astrological September overview for Zodiac sign Pisces and Astrology Prediction for the month of September in a form of a horoscope.